What we do

The Weir Link aims to be a catalyst for change by offering a range
of educational, training, childcare and social support for local residents in line with the hopes and aspirations identified in the consultative process leading up to the centre opening.  We especially target those who are in the greatest need – those on low income, unemployed, not having English as a first language, returning to work, or who have young families. At the same time it places the whole community at
its heart, and emphasises that the door is always open and everyone
is welcome.

The Weir Link Community Children’s Centre
The Children’s Centre is the primary activity of The Weir Link. We work in partnership with Maytree Children's Centre to deliver a “one stop shop” for children under 5 and their families providing support for parents and help to access:

  • Health services for children and their families
  • Integrated childcare and education
  • Information and advice about children's services, parenting support and a range of family support services
  • Training and advice to help parents gain skills and find work.

The Weir Link Nursery
The Childcare and integrated education is provided by The Weir Link Nursery which is privately managed but working in partnership with The Weir Link. 

The Nursery provides daycare from 8 am – 6pm, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year. The Teacher post in the centre works with nursery staff and children to ensure that the Early Years Foundation Stage criteria are met.

See Nursery section for more information.